About Us

You probably know kulfi as an Indian restaurant dessert.
At its best, kulfi is deliciously creamy, rich exotic dessert with origins in Southern Asia.
Indie Ices aim to produce a traditional product, and the awards received demonstrate that the proof truly is in the pudding.

In the first year of trading,I ndie Ices’ kulfi achieved two Great Taste Awards, and we’ve steadily built on the success ever since – consistently named as ‘Best Performing Ice Cream Company in Yorkshire’. Currently, Indie Ices have proudly accumulated 18 Great Taste Award Gold places and was ‘Best Performing Small Business in Yorkshire in 2012 awards, which we feel is kind of a big deal for a small indie company.

So how did it all come about?
Indie Ices started with a single, classic family recipe shared with me by my wife’s Punjabi parents. They showed me how to make an authentic mango kulfi, and I took that recipe ( which netted the 1st Guild of Fine Food Award) and ran with it! From there, I developed a range of flavoured kulfi, which I sell directly to restaurants and on the streets via my rather smart tuk-tuk, Asha.

Rumour has it that the Mughal Emperors introduced Kulfi to the sub-continent, making it with ice brought down from the Himalayas. Often, travelling with Asha over the hills of Leeds, I feel proud that I am perhaps closer to the origins of classic Kulfi production than most.



Kulfi is a traditional Indian iced dessert – a denser, richer ice cream, if you will. It’s 100% suitable for vegetarians. Kulfi was originally made by boiling milk for hours on end, stirring constantly over a low heat until it was reduced to a rich, creamy mixture. This could be frozen plain or used as a base, enriched and flavoured with ingredients common in India like spices, nuts and fruits in season – the most popular being that mango variety I started with.

The resulting product should be a luxuriously creamy-tasting dessert, made solely from simple, pure ingredients. Unfortunately, the majority of the kulfi you may have tasted in India restaurants in the UK is a pale imitation of this original dessert –  often made from a terrible mixture of skimmed milk and vegetable fats, with so much air whipped into it that the definitive texture is lost.


My wife’s parents originate from the Indian Punjab. When we married, my wife’s parents passed on an old family recipe for Mango Kulfi. I was wooed as much by the recipe as the woman, and, with my existing experience in the food industry and a bit of creativity, I felt I had the capability to bring this sensational dessert to a wider audience.


Our main line of products is based on traditional Indian kulfi recipes.

Our small business operates as an independent ice cream company, making and selling local to the area in which it is produced- not to, or through, a big multinational.

As well as having a passion for food, I have always had a passion for indie music and businesses.